Opera or casino? Maybe two in one?

Amazing name, isn't it? Which would you choose? It seems impossible to decide if you love both of these entertainment genres. Well, we have an offer for you!

The Australia Piano Quartet will be playing a series of concerts at the Sydney Opera House where the Sol Casino Gaming Club is organizing tournaments among its players. The event will take place indoors with both offline tables with roulette, card games, and live streaming with connectivity from anywhere in the world.

Online casino tournaments

All major online casinos offer players a variety of games such as licensed slots, table games and live entertainment. In addition, many of these clubs offer tournaments in which real money or valuable prizes are drawn. In this article, we will discuss the differences between tournaments and bonuses, as well as the different types of competitions. We'll also look at how the prize pool is generated and what you can win in them.

The main difference between draws and bonuses is that tournaments are just an opportunity to win something, while bonuses are a ready-made gift. To win in it, you'll need some luck and maybe some skills.

Types of tournaments

Almost all online casinos have several types of tournaments for their players 

Open competitions from Sol Casino are open to any player without paying an entry fee. Closed ones are only for certain categories of players, and paid ones allow any visitor to play, but they have to pay a fee. However, we want to make sure that gamblers are satisfied, so we want to point out that almost all of them are open, which means that you can participate in them without investing any money.

The most popular type of casino competitions are on slot machines. Typically, casinos hold such tournaments on several slot machines from the same provider or on slots with the same theme. For example, they can be held on Playtech, Pragmatic Play or Microgaming slots. As for themes, it can be Ancient Egypt, New Year, typical fruit machines and so on.

Less often Sol Casino organizes games on table and entertainment with live dealers (blackjack, roulette, baccarat). By the way, some gambling establishments, focused on poker, regularly hold competitions in this discipline.

Basic rules

To participate in one of the upcoming competitions, you need to follow a few steps:

To join a competition, go to the one named page and click on "Participate" (or something similar).

Each tournament has its own set of rules, once you agree to them, any bets you make in qualifying games no longer count.

Bets count only on specified slots and only if they are not smaller than a certain size (usually not more than a few tens of cents or rubles).

It is not allowed to participate in the same one more than once, creating new accounts in the Sol Casino.

Winning conditions can be of two types: in some tournaments you need to get the biggest payout multiplier, which depends on luck, in others you need to bet as much money on slots as possible in order to win, which depends on the size of your bankroll. It is more profitable to take part in it with the first system of determining winners, fortunately, such tournaments are most common in online casinos.

Some people believe that only experienced players or those who have just started playing can win tournaments. They believe that only luck determines the winner. However, before participating in a competition, it is a good idea to learn all the rules of the game. You can practice for free by playing slot machines at Sol Casino. This casino has games from all popular developers.